Fearnley Contract Services
Over 45 years in farm contracting & fertiliser sales

Having been involved in sales and application of fertiliser throughout Norfolk and Suffolk for the past 45 years and lately with a large customer base in the North of England, FCS are very pleased to have been appointed agents for Harlow Agricultural Merchants and Needham Chalks.

Offering very cost effective sustainable and renewable fertilisers including, but not limited to:-

(very cost effective P & K - includes valuable trace elements including Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium plus micronutrients)
Pulan 34.4 N
(Ammonium Nitrate in 600kg bags - deals currently available)

Upkeep - P-Grow
(sustainable British fertilisers - typically 0-21-0 and 0-30-0 with valuable trace elements and micronutrients)

TSP, MoP, Kieserite, DAP,
0-24-24, 20-10-10,
Agricultural Lime & pH testing

(dried ground chalk, ground chalk, screened chalk, Limex 70, Mag Lime, Envirocal 70 plus lump chalk for shed flooring)

Fearnley Contract Services
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