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Farmyard / Smallholding

Farmyard / Smallholding
We are pleased to bring anything from this website free of charge if ordered with your bedding in Norfolk or Suffolk.
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Alpaca Coarse Mix
A very nutritious, and highly palatable coarse Ration, ideal not only for Stud and Breeding anima..
Baby Chick Crumb
Specification: Protein 18.2% Oil 3.2% Fibre 3.5% Ash 5.5% A high quality protein ration in c..
Chicken Layers Mash 20kg
Specification: Protein 15.75% Oil 4% Fibre 4% Ash 14% As ‘Layers Pellets’ but in meal form. ..
Chicken Layers Pellets 20kg
Specification: Protein 16% Oil 3% Fibre 4.2% Ash 12.8% This ration is more suitable for free..
Ewe & Lamb Nuts 20kg
Protein 16.0% Oil 4.8% Fibre 8.8% Ash 7.5% MR(rum) 12.0mj/kg DM Ano..
Ferret Feast 10kg
A complete premium food for all breeds of ferrets, carefully formulated to meet all the nutrition..
Goat Coarse Mix - dry 20kg
Protein  15.0%  Oil  2.6%  Fibre   7.4%&nb..
Maize Grits 25kg
Maize grits are composed of coarsely broken maize and fine maize particles. ..
Mixed Corn 25kg
Designed mainly as a throw feed for all poultry, Mixed Corn combines the four main cereals, Wheat..
Muddy Gateways Overseeding Mix (acre pack) 13kg
To fill in the bare patches after a wet winter.  This mix is quick growing and will restore ..
Poultry Grower Pellets 20kg
Specification: Protein 16.0% Oil 3.1% Fibre 4.3% Ash 5.6% A good ration to follow on from th..
Rock Salt to clear ice and snow
Coarse granules. Ideal for clearing ice and snow away from garden paths, livery yards, back d..
Scaly Leg Spray
Scaly Leg Spray is a wonderful deterrent against scaly leg mite for Birds and Poultry including C..
Sheep Stock Nuts 25kg
Designed to accommodate both cooked, and un-cooked grain screenings from the Charnwood Micronizin..
Sugar Beet Pellets (molassed) 20kg
Molassed sugar beet pellets in 20kg bags ..
Whole Wheat 25kg
Whole wheat grains - 25kg bags ..