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Farmyard / Smallholding

Farmyard / Smallholding
We are pleased to bring anything from this website free of charge if ordered with your bedding in Norfolk or Suffolk.
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Alpaca Coarse Mix
A very nutritious, and highly palatable coarse Ration, ideal not only for Stud and Breeding anima..
Baby Chick Crumb
Specification: Protein 18.2% Oil 3.2% Fibre 3.5% Ash 5.5% A high quality protein ration in c..
Chicken Layers Mash 20kg
Specification: Protein 15.75% Oil 4% Fibre 4% Ash 14% As ‘Layers Pellets’ but in meal form. ..
Chicken Layers Pellets 20kg
Specification: Protein 16% Oil 3% Fibre 4.2% Ash 12.8% This ration is more suitable for free..
Ewe & Lamb Nuts 20kg
Protein 16.0% Oil 4.8% Fibre 8.8% Ash 7.5% MR(rum) 12.0mj/kg DM Ano..
Ferret Feast 10kg
A complete premium food for all breeds of ferrets, carefully formulated to meet all the nutrition..
Goat Coarse Mix - dry 20kg
Protein  15.0%  Oil  2.6%  Fibre   7.4%&nb..
Maize Grits 25kg
Maize grits are composed of coarsely broken maize and fine maize particles. ..
Mixed Corn 25kg
Designed mainly as a throw feed for all poultry, Mixed Corn combines the four main cereals, Wheat..
Muddy Gateways Overseeding Mix (acre pack) 13kg
To fill in the bare patches after a wet winter.  This mix is quick growing and will restore ..
Poultry Grower Pellets 20kg
Specification: Protein 16.0% Oil 3.1% Fibre 4.3% Ash 5.6% A good ration to follow on from th..
Scaly Leg Spray
Scaly Leg Spray is a wonderful deterrent against scaly leg mite for Birds and Poultry including C..
Sheep Stock Nuts 25kg
Designed to accommodate both cooked, and un-cooked grain screenings from the Charnwood Micronizin..
Sugar Beet Pellets (molassed) 25kg
Molassed sugar beet pellets in 25kg bags ..
Whole Wheat 25kg
Whole wheat grains - 25kg bags ..