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Black Pepper 500g (ground)
Used in conjunction with Turmeric or Cinnamon to increase the metabilic effect (the absorbtopn of..
Chamomile Flowers 1kg (dried)
High in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and manganese. Chamomile is an anti-inflammator..
Chaste Tree Berries 500g (Vitex Agnus-Castus)
Used for hundreds of years for its beneficial effect on the horses hormonal system, Chaste Tree B..
Cinnamon 500g (ground)
Ground Cinnamon.  A powerful antioxidant.  Uselful for good-doers and in coping with in..
Fenugreek Seeds (ground) 1kg
To stimulate the palate.  Helpful for picky eaters.  Used traditionally for soothing ga..
Mint 1kg (dried)
Used to aid digestion and help reduce flatulence and also stimulate picky eaters. Feeding gu..
Psyllium Husks 1kg
Psyllium husks are used as a bowel cleanser.  Useful for horses on sandy pasture. Feedi..
Rosehips 1kg (whole - dried)
Used to improve coat condition and new hoof growth.  Also used to cleanse the body of toxins..
Turmeric Powder 1kg
Ideal for a wide variety of treatments due to the active ingredient Curcumin (4.2-4.8%). It ..