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Bed-Down Excel -120L delivered in Norfolk & Suffolk (collected price £8.25)

Ex Tax: £7.71

Brand: Robin Foster-Clarke
Product Code: 11
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Bed-Down Excel horse bedding has been developed to utilise the advantages of both straw – drainage and durability – and softwood shavings – absorbency – in one easy to use product.

Bed-Down Excel spreads up to 1/3rd further than an equivalent size bale of softwood shavings and by chopping the wheat straw Bed-Down Excel is easier to use than traditional baled long straw.  This makes Bed-Down Excel warm, durable and comfortable bedding for your horse and great value for you.  As Bed-Down Excel undergoes our comprehensive dust extraction process you can be sure that bale after bale is clean and consistent as well as being suitable for horses that suffer from respiratory disorders.  We also add a pleasant lemon fragrance as standard to act as an effective unappetiser and to help to keep the stable fresh.

Excel is made from sustainable wheat straw and the shavings are a by product of the wood mill industry.  Excel will degrade in approximately 4-8 months and as it is very absorbent waste is kept to a minimum making your muck heap smaller.

Bed-Down Excel is also great for poultry and game birds.

How to use Excel
Excel can be used with rubber matting or conventional stable flooring.  It can be mixed in with some other bedding products however the full benefits of using Excel will not be experienced until all the old bedding has gone.  Excel should be added to existing bedding by putting it to the outside of the bed and gradually moving the existing bedding into the centre as more Excel is added.  Keep adding Excel to the outside of the bed until all the old bedding has been removed.  Excel can be mucked out fully daily but for the most economical results follow below:

To start – use approximately 6 bales (12 x 12 stable) to start a new bed.  This will make a deep and comfortable bed.

Daily – remove droppings and tidy the bed.

Weekly – remove wet patches and top up the bed with fresh Excel.  You can easily split a bale of Excel in half by following the instructions on the side of the packaging.

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